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Albertini, Dominique

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Libération - France | 14/01/2016

Le Pen appropriates feminism for her own ends

The leader of the far-right Front National, Marine Le Pen, denounced on Wednesday in the liberal business paper L'Opinion the sexual attacks in Cologne, and portrayed her party as a defender of women's freedoms. Now the FN is using feminism for its own ends, the centre-left daily Libération writes in anger: "Is the FN liberal, secular and feminist? Only in as far as that allows it to condemn Islam and immigration, but no further. Such liberal traits (including the party's economic programme) only serve higher objectives: stopping immigration, reintroducing borders and promoting a homogeneous national identity. … What's more, the exploitative character of this 'feminism' is barely concealed in Marine Le Pen's opinion piece. In conclusion she calls for a referendum on a halt to immigration and on exiting the Schengen Area. So we see how for the FN closing our borders - already a panacea for all our country's woes - becomes a guarantee of women's rights."

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