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Albertini, Andrea

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Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | 08/10/2009

Verdict plunges Italy into crisis

In the eyes of the liberal-conservative daily Corriere del Ticino the ruling of the Italian Constitutional Court which revokes Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's immunity has plunged the country into an institutional and political crisis: "An institutional crisis because, as we saw as soon as the verdict was pronounced, it has led to a clash between Silvio Berlusconi, who talks of a 'politically motivated judgement', and Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, who defends the court as a 'guarantee organ'. … The crisis will also have inevitable and serious political consequences at both a national and international level. … This is exactly the scenario that many … had foreseen in the event that the immunity law was overturned. … With this outcome there's the danger that the constitutional crisis and the political crisis will feed each other. The immunity law Berlusconi elected in order to govern the country …, will now become a wandering time bomb that could even topple a government that has a large majority."

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