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Albers, Isabel

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1.  De Tijd - Belgium | 19/11/2015

Belgium not solely to blame for terrorism

It is unfair that Belgium is being put in the spotlight as the place where several of the Paris attackers lived, the business daily De ... » more

2.  De Tijd - Belgium | 20/08/2015

All countries have a duty to help refugees

The Ministry of the Interior estimates that around 800,000 people will seek asylum in Germany this year - more than ever before. The country's solidarity ... » more

3.  De Tijd - Belgium | 13/05/2015

Belgian government mustn't let up on reforms

According to an economic forecast presented on Tuesday by the Belgian Economics Institute the country's economy will grow by up to 2 percent in 2016. ... » more

4.  De Tijd - Belgium | 21/05/2013

Yahoo's risky game with Tumblr

US Internet giant Yahoo has sold its blogging platform Tumblr for around 1.1 billion dollars. A risky game, the business daily De Tijd warns: "Just ... » more

5.  De Tijd - Belgium | 05/10/2011

First domino must not fall

The Belgian government is partially responsible for the situation in which Dexia bank finds itself and must now come to its rescue. If not we ... » more

6.  De Standaard - Belgium | 08/04/2009

Dogs are sacred

Each year around 100,000 Belgians are bitten by dogs. Only recently a dog ripped a three-year-old girl's face apart, but legislators still haven't taken any ... » more


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