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Alberoni, Francesco

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Il Giornale - Italy | 17/01/2016

Lift sanctions against Russia now

Europe should now make the case for lifting the sanctions against Russia demands the national conservative daily Il Giornale: "The Europeans have followed all the whims of the Americans. Even when they continued the Cold War against Russia with threats from Nato and condemnations in the form of sanctions because of Russia's Crimea policy. … Meanwhile the Americans failed to see the Islamist threat and instead continued their battle against those who are in fact their most natural allies. What can we Europeans, including individual citizens, do against this? We can try to dispel the climate of distrust vis-à-vis Russia. The Cold War must be ended and the sanctions must be lifted. We must help Russian and Ukraine to agree on a constitution that guarantees autonomy for both sides. We must campaign for peace between America, Russia and Europe."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 23/06/2008

Switzerland as role model

For the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, greater civic participation offers a solution to the problems faced by the EU. "European unity requires universal respect for the morals and customs, beliefs and conventions, even the specific diets of each individual country. We do not need the state or a political class to decide what is good and what is bad. Fears and distrust can be overcome by asking the people to vote far more often than at present, in electing MEPs for example, and for all the problems that concern them directly which are now handled directly by the bureaucracy in Brussels. Just like in Switzerland, which manages to hold all its ethnic groups together by respecting their differences."

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