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Albanese, Giulio

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Avvenire - Italy | 09/06/2011

War instigated by oil companies

The Nato states have not complied with Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen's desire for broader participation in the Libya intervention. This is because the war is chiefly driven by economic interests, writes the Catholic daily Avvenire: "No matter how brutal Libya's current ruler may be, was it really worthwhile to declare war against him? ... It must be admitted that if there was no oil in the Libyan Desert there would never have been such a massive deployment of allied forces. You almost get the feeling the decision to bomb Libya was made by the big oil companies rather than states intent on defending democracy. The governments are once again undecided, particularly as the Libyan revolts are different to those in neighbouring Egypt and Tunisia. A civil war has broken out in Libya."

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