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Alaoui, Brahim

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Libération - France | 03/04/2008

'Artparis' celebrates Arab artists

Art Historian Brahim Alaoui is the curator of 'Crossings,' currently at 'Artparis', the international modern and contemporary art fair. In an interview conducted by Henri-François Debailleux, he explains the widespread enthusiasm for North African and Middle Eastern artists. "Since September 11th, we have discovered that these artists and intellectuals speak and express the malaise which has existed in the world for decades and that they struggle against taboos and all kinds of fanaticism. ... [What's more] these artists don't speak exclusively of their own problems or demand that everyone shares their feelings. They are no longer the banner-carriers of their regions, their countries; they express things that certainly resonate back home, but also around the world."

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