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Alaaldin, Ranj

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 28/01/2015

Kurds are viable allies against IS

After months of fierce battle Syrian Kurds have driven the fighters of the Islamic State (IS) out of the Syrian town of Kobani. The left-liberal daily The Independent hails this as a milestone in the fight against the jihadists: "Syria's Kurds have proved resistant and, in the process, destroyed Isis' aura of invincibility. Fighters from the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the ruling party of Syrian Kurdistan, have proved two things. Firstly, that Isis can be contained and defeated on the ground. But also, that with local forces on the ground, Western military support and air-power can in fact work, and without the need for a Western or international troop presence. ... It also ensures that at least one success story emerges from the Syria conflict and indeed one viable geo-strategic partner for the future."

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