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Akyün, Hatice

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Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 21/09/2012

For Hatice Akyün the neo-Nazi murders are Germany's 9/11

The growing number of blunders coming to light in the investigation of the crimes committed by the German neo-Nazi terrorist group, the NSU, prompts Turkish-born author Hatice Akyün to talk of this being Germany's 9/11: "Imagine if in Spain, our favourite holiday destination, three Spaniards had been killing Germans over a period of ten years. … What would happen? The German Department of Foreign Affairs would issue a travel warning, the ambassador would be summoned, the German media would talk about pseudo-democracy and charlatanism of Spanish democracy. But in Germany, where each day we are confronted with how it was possible for violent crimes against people with immigrant backgrounds to go unpunished despite or even because of the authorities, this provokes an indifferent shrug. This fills me with pious anger. Our chancellor promised the victims' relatives at the commemorative service that there would be a thorough investigation. But all they have received is an admission of failure by the government and the certainty that things one would have believed impossible in Germany, a country governed by the rule of law, were daily occurrences and nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible nowadays. The NSU is our 9/11, but no one is willing to admit it."

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