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Aktay, Yasin

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Yeni Şafak - Turkey | 18/05/2015

Telling silence regarding Morsi's sentence

Egypt's ex-president Mohamed Morsi was sentenced to death on Saturday. It's no mere coincidence that the governments of the West have barely reacted to the judgement so far, the Islamic- conservative and pro-government daily Yeni Şafak comments: "Naturally the democratisation of Egypt, which was ruled by dictators for decades, was unacceptable for certain states. They had the example of Turkey in mind, which after its democratisation escaped their control and developed and grew strong. ... The only political movements that have social backing in the region are the Islamic movements that are critical of the current world order. This is why the idea is being spread that free elections in the region, and particularly in Egypt, would unleash chaos. No one is really demanding democracy for the Islamic world."

Yeni Şafak - Turkey | 16/03/2015

The alternative to IS is democracy, not Assad

On the fourth anniversary of the outbreak of the civil war in Syria US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday that the US was considering negotiating with President Bashar al-Assad. All of a sudden the dictator is the lesser evil for the West, the Islamic-conservative daily Yeni Şafak notes with surprise: "The US now sees the Islamic State as public enemy number one, yet strangely it still hasn't grasped that the only reason why the IS emerged in the first place was its initial hesitation in taking action against Assad. ... But why don't the US and the EU member states see democracy as an alternative to Assad? It's as if they consider the Syrian people unworthy of democracy, just as they see democracy as inappropriate for other Arab countries. ... What they're really looking for is a different version of Assad, a dictator who suppresses the opposition from above. But they can't find anyone better than Assad to do that."

Yeni Şafak - Turkey | 27/10/2014

PKK not a secular saviour for Middle East

Three soldiers in civilian dress were shot and killed in Yüksekova in southeastern Turkey on Saturday. The Turkish army has accused the Kurdistan Workers' Party PKK of carrying out the attack but so far no one has officially taken responsibility. Despite the ongoing violence the West praises the PKK as the solution for the Middle East, the Islamic pro-government daily Yeni Şafak complains: "What news was the Western press trying to spread when it published images of women fighting with the PKK troops in recent days? After dozens of reports about the Islamic State the pictures of women with their hair on display and weapons in their hands convey a secular message. Will this be enough to absolve the PKK of its atrocities and terrorism? If terrorism is accepted because it is presented as secular, then it's not about terrorism but about who is perpetrating it. ... With this attitude those [in the West] who claim to be fighting terrorism have once again allowed their masks to slip."

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