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Aktar, Cengiz

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Taraf - Turkey | 06/10/2015

Exodus to Europe: Turkey can't hold back migrants

Even if Turkey steps up its border protection in exchange for the EU financing its refugee camps it won't stop refugees from reaching Europe, the liberal daily Taraf believes: "Once someone has got the idea into their head, sooner or later they'll emigrate. No one can stop them. That's the golden rule of migration theory. The flood of refugees can't be stemmed by walls, weapons or decrees. In addition, the Syrians are fleeing our country because while the camps provide food and drink, they don't have any serious or comprehensive refugee policy. ... It's absurd to think that Turkey's lack of a migration policy can be cured by talks with EU representatives in Brussels."

Taraf - Turkey | 24/03/2015

AKP will never make peace with Kurds

The jailed leader of the PKK Abdullah Öcalan appealed to his supporters to begin a new era of peace with Turkey on the Kurdish new year festival, Newroz, celebrated last Saturday. But the AKP government is not willing to find a solution to the conflict with the Kurds, the liberal daily Taraf complains: "With every Newroz the Kurdish side takes further steps towards peace, but since the truce the government, out of ignorance and incompetence and above all as a result of Erdoğans' election tactics, hasn't take any further steps. … It can't and it probably never will. By contrast in his last letter, as on previous occasions, Öcalan stresses vehemently that the Kurdish political movement is part of Turkey. … But they have no negotiating partner. Unlike the government the Kurdish movement has defined its policy and taken the initiative, but it takes two sides to turn dialogue into negotiations and a truce into lasting peace."

Taraf - Turkey | 21/11/2014

Gezi referendum only democratic at first glance

Istanbul's mayor Kadir Topbaş announced on Wednesday a referendum on the future of Gezi Park. But that sounds more democratic than it really is, the liberal daily Taraf observes: "In a vote it's essential that voters are informed by the authorities about what is being voted on. ... In developed democracies decisions that affect the public are made only after an analysis of the effects. We know only too well how much the government dreads such mechanisms, and what it does to prevent them. ... Therefore we shouldn't get all excited and let ourselves be fooled as soon as we hear the word 'referendum'."

Taraf - Turkey | 28/01/2014

Nuclear plant tops Hollande's agenda in Turkey

French President François Hollande arrived in Turkey for a two-day visit on Monday. During this first state visit by a French president to Turkey in 22 years the economy - and in particular French plans to build a nuclear power plant in the country - is at the top of the agenda, the liberal daily Taraf comments: "Hollande is accompanied by an entire armada of businessmen and women. The subjects French presidents usually discuss on their foreign visits - such as democracy and human rights or in this case the genocide of the Armenians - are being completely left out. Remaining are the chapters of the EU integration process blocked by Hollande's predecessors. ... The first indication that the economy is the main theme was the visit by Minister of Industry Arnaud Montebourg last October. ... A nuclear power plant instead of the genocide of the Armenians. That's how crazy we've become."

Taraf - Turkey | 05/11/2013

Don't hide Islamised Armenians any longer

A three-day conference on the Islamisation of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire was held in Istanbul on the weekend. Many Armenians converted to Islam to avoid being killed in the Armenian genocide of 1915. It is estimated that around a million of their descendants still conceal their Armenian background today. The liberal daily Taraf welcomes the fact that this aspect of the genocide is finally being discussed: "The term 'Armenian Muslim' makes the standard equations: 'Muslim = Turkish/Kurdish' and 'Armenian = Christian' redundant in the national discourse. From a sociological point of view it describes a fact that up to now had been quietly disseminated and is only now being spoken out aloud. It also gives the rigid concept of 'Armenianness' more colour. Hrant Dink [the Armenian journalist who was murdered in 2007] always wanted the discussion to be not just about the dead, but also about the survivors after 1915. Finally this is happening."

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