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Aksoy, Murat

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T24 - Turkey | 06/10/2014

War mandate shows Ankara's dreams of conquest

The Turkish parliament on Thursday approved the government's plans for military action against the terrorist IS militia in Syria and Iraq. The AKP government has forced Turkey to join the war to suit its own interests, the liberal daily T24 believes: "Instead of being a model for the Middle East with its democratic, secular, Western identity, since the Arab Spring the AKP government has dreamed of becoming the regional leader with an Islamic identity and culture. ... The mandate shows that despite dozens of failures the government still hasn't abandoned this dream. This mandate does not give priority to the fight against the Islamic State. Whereas the international coalition wants above all to stop and rein in the IS, the government's mandate explicitly targets Syria's President Assad and the Kurds. ... And in particular, the autonomous structures that the Kurds have set up. The AKP sees these as posing a threat to its dreams of being the dominant Islamic power in the Middle East."

T24 - Turkey | 22/09/2014

AKP government must finally act

The flight of more than 100,000 Syrian refugees to Turkey within two days and the IS's seizure of a number of  Kurdish villages near the Turkish border will finally force the Turkish government to act, the liberal internet paper T24 comments: "Up to now the AKP government had always pointed to 'sensitivities' when it came to joining the international coalition against the IS. After all, 49 hostages were in the IS's hands. But this 'sensitivity' no longer exists. We will see whether Turkey shows a different face now. ... The AKP government bears a major responsibility to prevent further human tragedies on our borders and stop the region becoming even less governable. If the AKP wants to solve the Kurdish problem and be an influential force in the Middle East, it must face up to its own policy. And to do that it must give up its polarising internal policy and the imperialist dreams and arrogant language of its external policy."

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