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Aköz, Emre

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Sabah - Turkey | 24/10/2014

PKK no longer a terrorist organisation

The Turkish government and Kurdish politicians announced on Wednesday that the peace process with the PKK could reach a successful conclusion within the next few months. Now it's time to stop referring to the PKK as a terrorist organisation, the pro-government daily Sabah writes, because the PKK has long been too powerful for that: "Is terrorist organisation the right term for a group that has been waging war against the huge Turkish army for 29 years? ... And which has a party and government representatives at home, and representatives abroad? States and governments use the term 'terrorist' for developments they want to quash and need help in doing so. In this way their leaders are demonised. Now it seems we're sitting at the same table with these terrorists, and bargaining with the 'devil'. Aid was even sent to the [Syrian Kurdish organisation] PYD, the terrorists' brothers. Was that wrong? Of course not. Because only if the 'believers' and the 'stubborn' sit down together at the same table can further bloodshed be prevented and the problem be solved by political means."

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