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Akgün, Mensur

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Star - Turkey | 07/01/2014

Al-Qaeda's growing strength demands solution

The strengthening of the terrorist organisation al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq, both neighbours of Turkey, is not just a threat but also offers the chance of a solution to the Syria conflict, the pro-government Turkish daily Star writes: "One must not forget that al-Qaeda represents a universal threat, and its presence and weight have the potential to jeopardise everyone's interests. It bombed the Iranian embassy in Lebanon, and has advanced as far as the Turkish border. Some even believe that the attack in Reyhanli was carried out by allies of al-Qaeda. But at the same time these developments are also accompanied by a ray of hope. Because now also the US, Russia and Iran are seriously interested in finding a solution, since they fear that without one they will one day feel the impact directly. The clearest sign of this is that US Secretary of State Kerry has called on Iran to support a solution."

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