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Žák, Miroslav

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Blog Aktuálně.cz - Czech Republic | 11/03/2013

Zeman takes on conservative media

The new Czech President Miloš Zeman announced on Sunday that he would not grant any interviews to the conservative daily Lidové noviny and the liberal Mladá fronta Dnes. Both papers criticised the social-democratic politician during the election campaign, a stance the president has condemned as 'brainwashing'. The journalist Miroslav Žák criticises Zeman's approach in his blog with Aktuálně.cz: "Of course there are a lot of bad journalists, including many with an exaggeratedly high opinion of themselves. Such people also exist in politics and in every other profession. And their ranks include Zeman himself, who has no qualms about calling others [namely journalists] 'idiots'. A little more humility would do him good as president. ... Most of the media were against Zeman's being elected to the highest office of state. Nevertheless he was elected. So it's not as easy to subject Czech society to 'brainwashing' as it might seem at first glance."

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