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Aşık, Melih

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Milliyet - Turkey | 13/01/2016

Turkey must question its Syria policy

After the attack in Istanbul Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said that such terrorism was the result of the power vacuum and the civil war in Syria. But how much responsibility does his own government bear for the situation, the conservative daily Milliyet asks: "Which powers and states brought about the power vacuum? What stance did your government adopt when it arose? Does your government share responsibility with the West for how the civil war developed and escalated to the current level? If you could turn back the clock, would you once again support the Syrian opposition? Did you take sides in the Syrian civil war, which as you have said is the biggest source of terror? All of these unanswered questions should have been asked yesterday when the first wrong steps were being taken. Unfortunately no one can hear them any more, what with all the noise from the explosions."

Milliyet - Turkey | 15/10/2014

Ankara must fight terror

The bloody street protests in Turkey in recent days prove that the PKK continues to rely on violence, the conservative daily Milliyet writes: "When the peace process with the PKK was announced at the start of last year, wasn't the first step supposed to be the withdrawal of the PKK fighters? Weren't photos published of PKK activists turning their backs on Turkey? Now we see that all of that was just a show to fool the Turkish population. ... We believe that more than half of the Kurds are peace-loving people. But no peace is possible with the PKK. How can you agree to live peacefully with people who burn flags, destroy statues and show at every opportunity that they don't respect the values of our society? Turkey has just one option: it must take an uncompromising stance on every kind of terrorist organisation and fight it, whether it's called PKK or IS."

Milliyet - Turkey | 12/06/2014

Turkey partially to blame for Islamist terror

The Islamist militant group Isil took dozens of employees of the Turkish Consulate in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul hostage on Wednesday after abducting some 30 Turkish lorry drivers on Tuesday. The Turkish government is partially to blame, the conservative daily Milliyet admonishes: "The terrorist organisation Isil was born in the morass of the war triggered by the US in Iraq, and spread in the civil war Ankara has fuelled in Syria. Turkey supported such organisations in an effort to topple Assad. They always had a foot in Turkey. The result: Mosul. ... Our problem is that for years we believed that 'Islamic fraternity' would solve all problems. Members of government presented it as a panacea to all those that made no distinction between the terms Islam and Islamist, Muslim and terrorist. Can you still pretend such a fraternity exists after these international events?"

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