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Ajjuri, Hikmat

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The Irish Times - Ireland | 14/04/2011

Goldstone retraction unsurprising

Two years after the inquiry report on the Israeli attack on Gaza was published its author Richard Goldstone has retracted his statements on Israeli war crimes committed against Palestinian civilians. The Palestinian Hikmat Ajjuri writes that he is not surprised in the liberal daily The Irish Times: "The Goldstone report called upon the Israeli and Palestinian authorities to conduct credible, independent investigations into alleged war crimes and possible crimes against humanity within six months or face referral to the International Criminal Court (ICC) by the UN Security Council. More than two years after its assault on Gaza, Israel has failed to conduct credible, independent investigations into its actions. This doesn't come as a surprise to us, the Palestinians: we have long experience of Israel's failure to investigate the brutal actions of its armed forces against us. ...If there are to be credible, independent investigations, they will have to be carried out by the ICC."

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