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Ahosniemi, Arno

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Kauppalehti - Finland | 14/08/2015

Let Finland be a tax haven

The Finnish crane constructor Konecranes on Tuesday announced its merger with the US heavy equipment manufacturer Terex. Although Terex is twice the size of Konecranes, the new company's headquarters will be located in Finland due to the low corporate taxes there. The country has no reason to be ashamed of its lenient tax policy, the business paper Kauppalehti maintains: "The international tax competition is brutal, and the worst abuses must be kept in check through international agreements. In Finland, however, we must also think about our own interests. We don't achieve much competitive advantage with our taxation policy. If corporate tax were higher, many Finnish multinationals would opt to register their profits outside Finland. As things stand most of this tax money goes to Finland, and a few crumbs even fall on us from the United States."

Kauppalehti - Finland | 20/12/2013

Finns should dare to interact with expats

Oliver Rittgen, the managing director of Bayer Nordic in Helsinki, complained in an interview with the business paper Kauppalehti on Monday that it is very difficult for foreigners to gain a foothold in Finnish society. Now the paper calls for more openness on the part of the Finns: "Rittgen's observations and experiences are highly interesting, and his judgement carries particular weight. In fact Bayer was the company that paid the second-highest amount in corporate tax last year. ... It's rather sad when foreigners feel like outsiders in Finland. Our country thrives on export and international trade, and we can't afford not to be completely open. Perhaps we can find some consolation in the idea that the experience of foreigners is always subjective. They don't have it easy in any country at the start. And it's only normal for expats to keep to themselves in international metropolises. Nevertheless it would be to our own advantage if we weren't so closed and really did show an interest in other people."

Kauppalehti - Finland | 19/05/2008

EU foreign ministry under scrutiny

"The Finnish government on Friday raised the question of what Finland should expect from the new EU ministry for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy . ... Roughly speaking, Finland wants to provide 100 of the 2,500 officials to be appointed to the EU body. This is a lot of bureaucracy. ... And it remains unclear what the advantages of the new EU foreign ministry will be. ... It is often impossible to achieve a consensus between EU states on complex global issues. ... And in terms of international cooperation the EU is dwarfed by the United Nations. The same is true of the UN Security Council. ... These are not simple matters, but somehow the EU must find a position for itself among international organisations - otherwise it will remain a midget when it comes to the important subject of foreign policy."

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