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Şahin, Ömer

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Radikal - Turkey | 13/02/2014

Erdoğan won't give up power

The Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said in recent days that he intends to run as a candidate for president in the summer if his party, the AKP, has a good showing in the local elections on March 30. Successful or not, Erdoğan won't give up power any time soon, the liberal daily Radikal comments: "The results of the local elections could be a turning point for the AKP. If they obtain at least 40 percent, a model like the Putin and Medvedev system in Russia will be introduced. If not, a whole different agenda will be set. ... Until recently the SKP was talking of its visions for 2023 and 2071 and vigorously defending a new presidential system. But since the Gezi Park protests, the presidential system is off the cards. And since the corruption scandal it's even likely that Erdoğan won't become president at all. ... But he'll remain active in day-to-day politics, and that's what he's already preparing for."

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