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Ahäuser, Jürgen

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Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | 11/09/2013

Only mini-reforms at IOC with Thomas Bach

Thomas Bach, a German, was elected as the new president of the International Olympic Committee on Tuesday. Unfortunately he is too deeply entwined in the IOC structures to reform the body, the left-liberal daily Frankfurter Rundschau contends: "It would be a miracle if of all people the foster child of Francoist Juan Antonio Samaranch were to put an end to the inbreeding at the IOC. Because even today the Olympic elite doesn't choose its members through democratic elections but renews itself from a circle of often very dubious proposals. ... Bach was among the resolute defenders of holding the Games in communist China. The Committee's presidency has yet to adopt a clear stance on Sochi, the location of the 2014 Winter Games in the empire of the ex-communist and homophobic Vladimir Putin. With each new decision on who hosts the Olympics the IOC allies itself more closely with dictators, only to draw back from their embrace in case of conflict. ... Bach is too deeply embedded in the old structures. Nothing more than a couple of minor reforms can be expected during his first term of office."

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