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Agyagási, Edit

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Világgazdaság - Hungary | 18/09/2014

Hungary puts energy companies in a tight spot

Hungary's right-wing conservative government will once again reduce utility costs in October, this time those for long-distance heating. The government has repeatedly cut ancillary living costs since January 2013. It's above all the public utility companies that foot the bill, the liberal business paper Világgazdaság writes: "We have every reason to be happy: after the 20 percent reduction in ancillary costs last year, energy costs were lowered by 5.7 percent on September 1. Now in October long-distance heating costs will be reduced by 3.3 percent. ... According to the government, Hungarian households may save on average 150,000 to 200,000 forint [around 480 to 640 euros] per year. ... However as a result of the state price controls, the gap between the official price and the market price is continually growing, and someone has to pick up the tab. And that someone is the public utility companies."

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