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Ago, Niko, Greece

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3 articles of this author have been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Greece | 21/12/2013

Greek police treat migrants sadistically

The Greek police chief Nikos Papagiannopoulos said at a recent police gathering that migrants without papers should be held in custody for as long as possible, to make their lives unbearable. His statements can be heard on a recording published last week by the weekly magazine Hot Doc. There have been no repercussions for Papagiannopoulos to date. The web portal Protagon comments sarcastically: "You're too late, Mr Police Chief. ... The lives of migrants and refugees in Greece - particularly those without papers but also those who are here legally and who are not being held in camps - are already unbearable. The state and its officers, with or without uniforms, have seen to that. The reports of refugees at the borders, at sea or on land, of rape and death by drowning - with the help of police officers - document a drama of sadism and inhumanity that has been going on for years, and now with the blessing of the Greek chief of police." - Greece | 11/12/2013

Greece need not fear Soros' donations

In the northern Greek city of Naoussa, the parents' association of the schools has rejected a donation of heating oil from the Open Society Foundation of US billionaire George Soros. In northern Greece many schools can't be heated due to a lack of funding, and several have had to close temporarily during the current cold spell. The web portal Protagon can't understand the parents' decision: "It seems the decision has its roots in a conspiracy theory frequently heard in Greece according to which 'foreigners' want to buy up the country. Soros is certainly no Mother Teresa. But in view of the proportions the Greek crisis has assumed, and given the fact that the international press is presenting this as a quasi-humanitarian crisis, it is hardly surprising that large organisations like Soros's are also stepping in. There's no reason to assume it is looking to turn a profit with this move. We should overcome our fears for a while." - Greece | 18/01/2013

Greece tolerates xenophobia

An immigrant from Pakistan was stabbed to death in Athens on Thursday. Following the arrest of two Greeks suspected of committing the crime pamphlets of the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party were discovered in the home of one of them. The website Protagon describes how the Greek state and society tolerate xenophobia: "The number of victims of racist violence in Greece is growing. The rhetoric of hate is simply being accepted. At the same time the state is incapable of ending this terrible state of affairs. And because it is not stopping it, it is actually inadvertently encouraging the violent criminals. ... The country's reputation abroad is getting worse and worse and life is turning into a living hell for immigrants here in Greece. As long as Golden Dawn continues to be perceived as a party rather than what it really is, and as long as the government simply parrots the outraged petty bourgeois [who complain about the high number of immigrants in Greece] so as not to lose their votes this tragic situation will continue, and there will be more such sad news."

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