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Aggelopoulos, Giorgos

TA NEA, Greece

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Ta Nea - Greece | 26/05/2009

Former skinhead in charge of Polish broadcaster

Giorgos Angelopoulos writes in the daily Ta Nea on the director of the Polish public television station TVP, Piotr Farfal: "For the last six months a former skinhead has been heading the Polish public television station, which he is gradually transforming into a bastion of neo-nazis. Farfal studied law and was active in extremist nationalist circles. ... In 2006 the governing coalition of Law and Justice (PiS), the right-wing extremists and the laicists of the party Self-Defence of the Republic of Poland allowed him to become a member of the public broadcaster's board of directors. ... The liberal Prime Minister Donald Tusk ... is now trying to remove the extremists from the public broadcaster. But President Lech Kaczyński will have nothing of it. ... Currently Farfal and his cronies are continuing their work. In the run-up to the European elections the station is airing interviews with opponents of Europe. The broadcaster has also refused to co-finance a film about Irena Sendler, a Pole who saved the lives of 2,500 Jews."

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