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Šafaříková, Kateřina

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 15/04/2014

European elections: Putin's fifth column in the EU Parliament

The leader of the far right Front National, Marine Le Pen, visited Moscow for the second time in ten months on the weekend. If the results of Europe's right-wing parties in the European elections are as good as expected this will play right into Putin's hands, the conservative daily Lidové noviny comments: "Le Pen, who has already expressed admiration for Putin in the past, backed the Kremlin leader's calls for the federalisation of Ukraine during her Moscow visit. Far right politicians Strache from Austrian and Wilders from the Netherlands have also voiced similar views. They, like Jobbik in Hungary and other extremist parties, have the prospect of brilliant results in the European elections. If they join forces this will create an unprecedented force for destroying the EU from within. It's clear how such parties would vote on issues like an association agreement with Georgia and Moldova, which Russia regards as a threat to its national interests. So the right-wing would become Moscow's fifth column in the European Parliament."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 18/09/2008

A conference for elites

Kateřina Šafaříková, EU correspondent for the conservative daily Lidové noviny, criticises the procedure for selecting the summit participants: "Anyone who was not informed that the European Roma summit was now meeting in Brussels would never have found out. ... The organisers invited roughly 500 participants, among them representatives of important Roma organisations. Nevertheless one is easily left with the impression that this is a debate about the Roma without the Roma. Or more precisely: without the Roma whose problems are being discussed. Those present at the meeting are people who are skilled at talking with ministers and EU commissioners - the Roma elites. Livia Jarok, for example, a young and pretty member of the European Parliament from Hungary. She is a Roma, but she studied at prestigious schools in Britain and elsewhere. After appearing at the morning session she went down to the lobby and gave interviews about discrimination, poverty, miserable living conditions and stereotypes. All in impeccable English."

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