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Šafaříková, Kateřina

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 10/06/2009

Another chance for Barroso?

Yesterday, Tuesday, José Manuel Barroso declared his intention of running for a second term of office as head of the European Commission to current EU Council President Jan Fischer. The conservative daily Lidové Noviny writes: "This makes official what has been an open secret for two years now - that Barroso wants to stay in Brussels. While two years ago there were doubts that he would be nominated this time it's more or less certain. But Barroso's path to a second mandate was not without hurdles. He has been subjected to a torrent of criticism, especially from the top federalists among Europe's politicians. … Barroso loves the limelight and has proven he can turn a blind eye when the big states commit a foul. But the majority of national heads of government get along quite well with him, perhaps also because as a former Portuguese prime minister he is one of them."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 07/11/2008

Klaus torpedos Prague's EU presidency

Czech President Václav Klaus has managed to ensure that the Czech constitutional court's ruling on the Treaty of Lisbon comes so late that Prague will not be able to ratify the document before the beginning of its EU presidency. In doing so he has put the government of Mirek Topolanek in a very embarrassing position, writes conservative daily Lidové noviny, and names the president's reasons for doing this: "The more the Czech Republic is integrated into the EU the more superfluous a man like Klaus becomes. This is why he claims the presidency is of no consequence, saying it's only the major EU states who make the decisions anyway. His message: 'Listen to me, I'll get you out of this mess.' It was to be expected that Klaus would torpedo the EU presidency [of the government in Prague] with comments, alternative meetings and press releases. Why is Klaus risking the failure of his own country? Above all to prove that he is right in everything."

Sme - Slovakia | 28/07/2008

Europe divided on divorce?

The justice ministers of the EU have failed in their latest attempt to standardise European divorce laws. Nine member states are now calling for a final solution, even if this does not apply to the whole of Europe. The liberal newspaper Sme writes: "It is a matter of giving interested countries the opportunity to commit themselves to integration projects in which others do not wish to participate. In this case it is primarily Sweden that is refusing to participate in the common EU procedure. Stockholm does not want [to risk] the possibility of its citizens having to get divorced according to Arab divorce laws in extreme cases. ... As a result the door has opened a little wider to a two-speed Europe."

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