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Adijāns, Kaspars

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Diena - Latvia | 25/06/2013

Erdoğans Turkey will never be part of EU

The EU's foreign ministers have postponed the continuation of accession talks with Turkey until the autumn. Originally a new chapter of the negotiations was to be opened on Wednesday. The liberal daily Diena is convinced that a Turkey led by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will never become part of the EU: "In the last ten years Turkey has made progress and executed modern reforms. All this opened up the possibility of the country joining the EU. But then Erdoğan started concentrating all the power in his own hands. His methods were at times highly questionable from a democratic point of view. But economic progress and modernisation silenced even the critics of his regime. It was only after the elections that it became clear which direction Erdoğan wants to lead his people in. And that his policies have many opponents in the country. There can be no doubt that the EU doesn't want to have Erdoğan's version of Turkey as a member state."

Diena - Latvia | 24/04/2013

Gazprom wraps Latvia around its finger

Latvia is currently negotiating with Gazprom on natural gas supplies for the coming years, and has received a promise of a 20 percent reduction in price. The daily Diena sees ulterior motives behind Gazprom's compliance: "Gazprom is currently playing the game of the Janus-faced partner. It says it will grant a 20 percent price reduction and is promising investments in the infrastructure - provided Latvia signs. Latvia is under pressure, and needs to guarantee future gas supplies so that its lights don't go out altogether. ... Russia, for its part, fears that it will lose important infrastructural sites, for example the EU's third-largest [underground] gas reservoir in Inčukalns [north of Riga], which was built in Soviet times and doesn't really belong to anyone from a purely legal point of view. Geologically, Latvia is the best location for such a reservoir. Gazprom notes this itself on its homepage. ... So Latvia has important arguments on its side. The problem is that they haven't been used so far."

Diena - Latvia | 26/02/2013

Hollywood serves Washington's interests

The political thriller Argo, which deals with the taking of hostages at the US embassy in Tehran in 1979, won the Oscar for the best film on Sunday. The First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama, presented the award. The daily Diena sees the film as a further example of Hollywood's politicisation: "Moviemaking has developed with the passage of time. But what has not changed is the need to depict historical and current events in moving pictures. ... Even if the bond between film and politics in the US is nowhere near as close as it was in the Soviet Union, the masterpieces of dream factory Hollywood must still be taken with a pinch of salt. They may not deliver a false version of history, as Sergei Eisenstein [director of the revolutionary film Battleship Potemkin] was forced to do. But the audience is often presented with a product that, in its interpretation, protects the interests of a superpower."

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