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Adewunmi, Bim

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 12/02/2012

Whitney Houston was an unparalleled talent

The US singer Whitney Houston was found dead on Saturday in her Los Angeles hotel room. The diva with the very special voice influenced pop music as much as Michael Jackson did, writes the left-liberal daily The Guardian: "That ineffable girl-next-door vibe Whitney had is something that's more or less disappeared from the pop scene in the last 15 years. Child and teenage stars endure, sure, but not like her. She was pretty - enough to be a successful model - but she was also sweet. Her persona didn't seem like an act to shift more units, though it undoubtedly helped. ... Like Michael Jackson before her, Whitney Houston defined the pop landscape of her time and influenced it for years afterwards. Every time you hear Beyoncé drag out a single syllable over three or four beats, that's Whitney. And when Mariah Carey does her little hand movements to accompany a ridiculously high note, that's Whitney too. This was a talent that others can only imitate."

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