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Adamski, Łukasz

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Polska - Poland | 13/01/2009

Protests against Israel also have roots in the Left

The daily Polska comments on the anti-Isreali protests in Italy and notes their left-wing roots. "In Rome the leftist Italian trade union Flaica-uniti-Cub distributed flyers calling for a boycott on Jewish businesses in protest at Israel's attacks on Palestine. ... Italian journalists have noted the spirit of the fascist Italian Mussolini has been revived along along the Tiber River. Political expert ... Friedman Buttner has ... said that the teachings of Karl Marx have gone to the Italian Left's head. This is true, for nowadays we seldom recall the intense anti-Semitism of this idol of the Left. ... Marx's hatred of the bourgeois and capitalism led to the birth of an ideology that is among the most criminal in the history of mankind. ... In his work 'On the Jewish Question' Marx wrote: 'What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is his worldly God? Money.'"

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