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Adamowicz, Jakub

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Luxemburger Wort - Luxembourg | 21/10/2009

No agreement would be regrettable but not fatal

The EU and Japan now have binding reduction targets while the US and Australia are still far from committing to such goals. The Luxemburger Wort writes that a comprehensive agreement at the climate summit would have the decisive advantage of converging the climate policy interests of industrialised, emerging and developing nations alike: "Individual agreements for these three categories of states, on the other hand, could speed up progress in certain sectors without requiring the prior approval of the US Senate. But the key to the global climate agreement lies in Washington's Capitol. There, however, the laws on healthcare reform and the regulation of the financial market have priority at present. This could result in a summit of incomplete commitments. That would be a pity, but not fatal. Obama's proposed laws are on the table: based on [emissions for] 2005 17 percent fewer emissions by 2020 and 83 percent fewer by 2050. Copenhagen should take these figures as the basis for reaching a comprehensive agreement that the US Senate would have difficulty pulling out of once it had signed."

Luxemburger Wort - Luxembourg | 15/07/2009

More than just a technocrat

The President of the European parliament - the only multinational legislature in the world - should be more than just a technocrat, writes the daily Luxemburger Wort: "As a Solidarnosc activist [Jerzy] Buzek fought for the peaceful defeat of communist totalitarianism and for freedom and human rights. In the past five years working as an MEP he has demonstrated his political instinct and will to compromise. Nonetheless Buzek cannot escape the shadow of [Bronisław] Geremek: too strongly does the late Geremek - a Francophile Jewish Pole who died on 13 July 2008 in a car accident and who survived the horrors of the Second World War and later the red terror of the Stalin era to finally make a successful contribution to the fall of the Iron Curtain - symbolise the best of the European idea. And precisely because of this Buzek, a level-headed pragmatist, is a good choice." 

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