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Acar, Ertan

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Radikal - Turkey | 12/08/2014

Pro-Kurd candidate Demirtaş inspires hope

The candidate of the pro-Kurdish HDP party Selahattin Demirtaş won almost ten percent of the vote in the Turkish presidential elections on the weekend - a 55 percent increase compared to the last elections. For the liberal daily Radikal Demirtaş has become a genuine political alternative: "Demirtaş's discourses have brought the political integration of the Kurdish people forwards. ... The HDP claims to be a party of the masses and has now even received a vote of confidence from non-Kurdish, social democratic voter bases in cities like Istanbul. Demirtaş is thus moving closer to a position in which he can be a new leading figure not just for Kurdish but also for left-wing voters. ... Now the question is whether PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan will support Demirtaş in future or whether he will feel betrayed and put this young leader out of action."

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