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Abreu Amorim, Carlos

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Correio da Manhã - Portugal | 05/01/2010

Blasphemy banned in Ireland

A ban on blasphemy which foresees fines of up to 25,000 euros for insulting the faithful or their religion has come into effect in Ireland. According to the daily Correio da Manhã this is tantamount to Ireland turning its back on the West's liberal tradition: "The authors of many works of art and scientific discoveries of the past centuries could have been condemned as a result of this legal monstrosity. In the West freedom began to thrive once religion stopped imposing its dogmas as norms. In other cultures law became mixed up with religion and freedom was always something rare and weird. We can't criticise Salman Rushdie's death sentence or the attacks against the Danish cartoonists while ignoring this Irish absurdity."

Correio da Manhã - Portugal | 26/02/2009

Entry ban for Israeli tennis player

The Israeli professional tennis player Shahar Pe'er, who was to have taken part in the Dubai Tennis Championships in the United Arab Emirates, has been denied a visa for no explicable reason. For the daily Correio de Manhã, Pe'er was denied entry because of her nationality. "If this demonstration of hatred had been directed at another group, If Shahar were Arab, black or the member of another minority from the 'political correctness' catalogue, one can well imagine what a hue and cry there would have been. But Shahar is Jewish, and practically everyone has kept their mouth shut."

Correio da Manhã - Portugal | 30/01/2009

Portugals prime minister suspected of corruption

Portugal's Prime Minister José Sócrates is suspected of having taken bribes from a British business during a construction licencing procedure while serving as environment minister in 2002. Writing in the daily Correio da Manhã, Carlos Abreu Amorim criticises the prime minister's attitude at a press conference in which he responded to the allegations: "I don't know if Sócrates is guilty, but he is very bad at defending himself. The press conference was merely a hasty reaction to the headlines in the media. Sócrates cannot hold a press conference every time the news doesn't suit him. Added to that is his attempt to convince his followers - contrary to the facts - that he is the victim of a 'defamation campaign'. The information was uncovered by the English police, not by any internal adversaries. ... If he continues like this, he is just a couple of headlines from the end of his career."

Correio da Manhã - Portugal | 31/03/2008

The Portuguese Church returns to the political arena

The academic Carlos Abreu Amorim reacts to the spokesman for the Episcopal Conference's recent criticisms of the government, notably after the legalisation of abortion in 2007. "The bishop Carlos Azevedo has poured forth his political declarations. These aren't the usual appeals for public funds in the sectors that concern the Church. He goes further and involves himself in the political ring by taking clear-cut positions against the government. ... We are witnessing here a strategic turn. After several years during which the state Church kept itself out of the political arena, we now have a new player on the scene. As a man of the right, I regret this development. During the recent Spanish legislative elections, the leader of the right, Mariano Rajoy, took up the most extreme positions of the Spanish Church. According to many observers, this is one of the major reasons he lost."

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