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Abou-Jeib Broshammar, Mona

Generalsekretärin der republikanischen Vereinigung zur Abschaffung der Monarchie in Schweden

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Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | 23/08/2010

Swedish monarchy a threat to democracy

The Swedish authorities have decided not to investigate Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel on charges of corruption although a businessman paid for their honeymoon, on the grounds that the royal family cannot be held accountable for corruption. This jeopardises Swedish democracy, write Peter Althin and Mona Abou-Jeib Broshammar of Sweden's Republican Association in the conservative daily Svenska Dagbladet: "That allegations of corruption against the royal family may not be investigated is further proof that the price we pay for the monarchy is the decline of democracy. The royal family stands above the law and our democratic society, with the result that there is no equality before the law or equality in Sweden. While the royal house inherits power and privileges, we must ask whether we want to go on paying the price with our democracy, our legal system and our system of equal rights. The monarchy is not only obsolete, it is also a threat to the strengths and openness of democracy."

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