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Abé, Nicola

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Spiegel Online - Germany | 01/10/2015

Nothing but empty threats

The threat of termination of the Oslo Accords won't have any repercussions, the news portal Spiegel Online believes: "Abbas was primarily addressing his own people when he announced on the international stage that his 'patience' was at an end. The long-term president is more unpopular with his population than ever before. ... Abbas's threats are largely empty. His statement about the 1993 Oslo Accords remained vague - and put the ball back in Israel's court. There was no obligation to hold to the Agreement as long as Israel refused to stop the settlement of the occupied territories, he said. But he didn't give an ultimatum. And anyway there haven't been any peace talks since the failed initiative by US Secretary of State John Kerry. The Palestinian leadership is increasingly unwilling to see negotiations with Israel as a true chance for peace."

Spiegel Online - Germany | 18/03/2015

Israel isolating itself further

Benjamin Netanyahu's surprisingly clear electoral victory is a panic reaction, the news portal Spiegel Online believes: "In recent weeks Netanyahu has been consistently pursuing a policy he's got down to a fine art: fear-mongering. A policy that induces voters to forget all the other unsolved problems and accept unquestioningly every blunder on the part of his government by stressing the existential threats at hand. ... To mobilise a few undecided marginal right-wing voters he made racist remarks on election day about 'hordes' of Israeli Arabs storming the polling stations. The previous evening he had publicly rejected the two-state solution with the remark that if he were re-elected there would be no Palestinian state. That puts him in direct conflict with the international community. ... Apart from the danger of the growing rifts in Israeli society, this also risks subjecting Israel to further international isolation."

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