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Šabata, Petr

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Sme - Slovakia | 26/03/2015

Europe's phone number is Angela Merkel's

Henry Kissinger allegedly once asked: "If I want to call Europe, who do I call? Today the clear answer to that question is Angel Merkel, the liberal daily Sme concludes: "If US President Barack Obama, his Ukrainian colleague Poroshenko or Athens' prime minister Alexis Tsipras need to call someone in Europe, they know which number to dial - Angela Merkel's. At the very latest since the negotiations on Ukraine for the Minsk II agreement, it's clear to everyone who calls the shots in Europe. … Europe indeed needs a respected figure like the Americans or Chinese have in their presidents - and that figure is Merkel. … Admittedly Germany can be pretty ruthless in its new role. Up to now Europe has lived more from its institutions than from any national leader. The matter could be elegantly resolved if at some point Merkel assumed a European post. Then Europe's phone number would remain the same."

Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic | 20/08/2013

Zeman wins either way

The Czech parliament votes today on its own dissolution. Regardless of the outcome, the liberal business daily Hospodářské noviny argues that "the only one who will benefit is President Miloš Zeman. If parliament is dissolved, early elections will be held which the Social Democrats will win with the support of the communists and the Zeman party. That means a Zeman government. If the elections aren't held until the regular date next May, the Rusnok government or some other government will rule - without a vote of confidence from the parliament. That will also be Zeman's government, which on top of it all will also push for the Zeman party and its people in the social democratic election campaign. Does anyone have a satisfactory answer to how a pensioner from the Bohemian-Moravian highlands [like Zeman] has been able to gain such control over all the party tacticians, advisers, analysts and other political experts?"

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 08/02/2012

Czech Republic ditches 18 nuclear reactors

The Czech Republic is scrapping plans to build 18 new nuclear reactors by 2060 and will instead focus on expanding the Temelín nuclear power plant, the new Czech minister for economic affairs, Martin Kuba, announced during his first press conference on Tuesday. With the decision he distances himself from the plans of his predecessor Martin Kocourek, who resigned amidst allegations of dubious financial dealings. The business paper Hospodářské noviny goes even further: "How much energy do we actually need? What does it mean that there will be less emphasis on nuclear power than planned? How will this affect energy prices? ... Kocourek was serious about building 18 new reactors without ever talking seriously about the costs. Never mind that the Czech Republic is a neighbour of Germany, which has just said goodbye to nuclear power, and Austria, which is allergic to anything nuclear in the Czech Republic. It's a disgrace that Kocourek was sacked from government only because of his financial dealings."

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