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Aavik, Marti

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Postimees - Estonia | 25/08/2015

Estonia's female journalists are afraid of opinions

The opinion pages of the Estonian daily newspapers are filled almost entirely by middle-aged men, at least this is the accusation published by the Estonian Public Broadcasting organisation last week on its website. The opinion editor for the daily newspaper Postimees Marti Aavik agrees with this assessment and blames the women: "For years, the declarations à la 'there are cleverer people than me' have mainly been coming from women. That is not just my experience, but also that of my female colleagues in the opinion editorial office. Of course there are also men who stay away for this reason, but in their case it's usually the question 'until when, how long?'. Men just go and do it. That's a big problem in the opinions section. This is not about the formal gender balance or about needing a particular female point of view (whatever that might mean). It really is about the great potential that is not being used and the important debates, valuable knowledge and arguments that are not being printed."

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