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Aalderen, Maarten van

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De Telegraaf - Netherlands | 03/06/2013

Erdoğan must yield to protests

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been firmly in the saddle for ten years, but now he has miscalculated, the right-leaning daily De Telegraaf warns: "Perhaps Erdoğan believed his power and popularity were boundless. ... But the Turkish opposition has had enough of his megalomaniac ambitions. The Islamist prime minister is increasingly authoritarian in his style of government. Hundreds of Turkish soldiers, writers and intellectuals, all of them secular, are behind bars because of the most absurd charges. Erdoğan doesn't know his limits. But now he is facing more difficulties than ever before. The young secular Turks don't want their country to be Islamised. They want freedom. ... Never before have there been such massive protests against Erdoğan. He must relent, otherwise things will go very wrong."

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