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Scholl, Susanne

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Salzburger Nachrichten - Austria | 13/10/2010

Immigration means future

Two small girls have been deported from Austria to Kosovo although their mother was lying in hospital. This is just one of many examples of the callousness with which immigration issues are being dealt with across Europe, writes the daily Salzburger Nachrichten: "France violently closes Roma settlements and expels European citizens. Italy intercepts African refugees on the high seas where they can't file asylum claims and drops them in Lybia - where they end up in jail like criminals. We hear similar stories from Switzerland and Sweden about the way refugees are treated. But what are we so afraid of? The fact is that the entire health and care systems in Europe and Austria would break down without the help of foreign workers. ... Unfortunately it is only too easy for politicians to make hay with this question - which is so difficult and yet so important for our future. But it can't be left up to them - otherwise they'll toss our future to the wind."

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